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Established in 2012

Who We Are

Herbs 2 Africa is a company that was started in 2012 by Aly Ouedraogo. Aly grew up in Burkina Faso, West Africa where he witnessed many personal incidents of people who were unable, or afraid for various reasons, to visit hospitals for traditional health care. Due to this, they would turn to caffeine or pharmaceuticals which led to more health problems. He noticed even then the difference, for the better, when people utilized holistic or herbal remedies.

The founder's family is well known in Burkina Faso for their long tradition of growing herbs organically that treat all forms of illness in a pure, healthy way. Aly is passionate about perpetuating the tradition of his family in providing herbal remedies as medications. Since starting the company, his drive is further fueled by customer feedback. Satisfied clients have let him know how the herbs have literally changed their lives. He loves plants and what they've done for his loved ones. It is his goal to share this love with those beyond his family. He is also passionate about spreading the word for the conservation of the land in Africa that these plants are grown on, with the ultimate desire to never lose the tradition of these herbs.

The company itself was recently awarded first place as Most Professional in a New York City Harlem Harvest festival sponsored by Whole Foods and Columbia University SBDC. Based out of New York City, all products are available online and through various markets and events in New York.

Aly Ouedraogo wearing an award ribbon

Discover The Ambrosial
Side Of Traditional Remedies

What We Do:

Africa Herbs creates and distributes organic herbal supplements direct from personal connections in Burkina Faso, West Africa. From teas and topical ointments that open up respiratory airways, to remedies for persistent hiccups. We provide natural remedies to ensure happy healthy lives for humans globally.

How We Do It:

We have over 150 natural preventative remedies, that are imported into the United States according to FDA rules and regulations. Handpicked ingredients are selected by experts ensuring premium selections. We can guarantee our products are truly 100% African organic and natural. We collect, curate and make our products easy to use and understand. 

To further ensure ease of use, we provide free shipping for orders over $49.00.

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Why We Do It:

Africa Herbs passion to distribute healthy and organic herbs comes from the personal experience of its founder. Growing up in Burkina Faso West Africa, Aly Ouedraogo comes from a long line of traditional herbalists. He witnessed people battle disease and addiction to pharmaceuticals, but those who utilized homeopathic products had a much more positive experience. Keeping the legacy and tradition of his family alive, while bringing these remedies to a larger audience, has become his personal mission.