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ZONARIUM Virus Rash Aid–1 TM

Relief from Shingles (TOPICAL)
ZonariumTM is the first step to getting relief from shingles. This traditional formula of forest roots, stems and fruits works best if taken at the first signs of shingles.

Product Description:
Benefits: Shingle relief
Directions: Pour 1/2 tablespoon in half a liter of water (about a pint) and boil for 10 minutes. Apply the remedy (while still hot) on the affected area using a clean cloth and continue for about 10 minutes twice daily. Continue treatment as long as necessary.

Weight: 3.3/8 oz
Dosage: ½ tbsp
Servings: 30
Product Form: Calcined powder
Main Ingredient: Wissadula amplissima


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