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YAMSOO Hypotension Ease™
YAMSOO Hypotension Ease™

Low Blood Pressure
Yamsoo™ is a tea discovered from the African coast. Traditionally, this tea is popular among men and women who work long hour with little time to eat. Today, it is found to stimulate low blood pressure back to normal levels.

Product Description:
Directions: Take 1/4 teaspoon 2 times daily with meals. Can be take for 12-24 days depending on severity of low blood pressure symptoms. Recommended to be used with Vit-C, Silic and Cold & Flu Shield™.
Benefits: Normalize blood pressure level
Weight: 7/8oz
Dosage: ¼ Tsp
Servings: 24
Product Form: Herbal Tea
Main Ingredient: Vitellaria paradoxa


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