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Kokbance™ is an all natural powder for chronic hepatitis. This mix of herbs and foliage has pharmaceutical grade potency to boost your liver health.

Product Description:
Directions: Adults and children (12 years and older) take 2-4 packets for 6-12 days. Children (11 years and under) take 1-2 packets for 6-12 days. Must be mix with food.
If taken for 6 days the effects will last 12 days. Resume taking after the 12th days of last dosage. If taken for 12 days the effects will last 24 days. Resume taking after the 24th days of last dosage.

Benefits: Reduce symptoms associated with hepatitis
Weight (ounces): ¾ 0z
Dosage: ¼ teaspoon
Servings: 21
Product Form: Powder
Main Ingredient: Cochlospermum tinctorium


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