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ZANDOTEM Cleanse Tea-G™
ZANDOTEM Cleanse Tea-G™

Fights Parasites in Gastrointestinal
Track Causing Giardiasis

Zandotem™ fights the parasites which causes giardiasis, a severe gastrointestinal disease. Get relief from severe symptoms such as nausea, gas, diarrhea, stomach pain, abdomen, gastrointestinal upset, a false sensation of needing to pass stool, loss of appetite and fatigue.

Product Description:
Directions: Boil bag in 16 oz of water for 10 minutes. Mix occasionally until dissolved.
For adults ages 12 years and older, divide the tea into two 16 oz glasses. Drink one glass after lunch and the other after dinner for 5 days.
For children under age 12, divide tea into four 8 oz glasses. Drink after lunch and dinner for 5 days. Tea can be stored in the refrigerated. Drink hot or cold.

Body Target: Gastrointestinal Track
Benefits: Reduce symptoms associated with giardiasis

Weight (ounces) : 2.1/2 oz
Dosage : 1 Bag
Servings : 5
Product Form : Herbal Tea
Package : Box


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