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FULFUDOO Clear Airways™
Calm Bronchial Tubes Inflammation & Congestion
Fulfudoo™ is a village remedy used by those have respiratory virus. Use to calm inflamed airways, stop cough and chest pain from mucus build-up.

Product Description:
Directions: Mix 1/4 teaspoon in 6 oz. of lukewarm water. Take 2-3 times daily between meals for 3-4 days.
Suggestion: Fulfudoo™ is strong in effectiveness and taste. To neutralize the taste and keep the benefits, add fresh lemon juice and honey.
Body Target: Lungs
Benefits: Reduce Inflammation and congestion

Weight (ounces) : 7/8 oz
Dosage : ¼ Tsp
Servings : 14
Product Form : Calcined powder
Main Ingredient : Adansonia digitata
Package : (sm) bottle


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