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Flush out food poisoning & toxins
LIVTOX™ is derived from African tree bark that cleanses the liver after ingested food containments food or excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs. Generations have used this natural medicinal for centuries to flush out toxins.

Product Description:
Directions: Adults (12 years and older) mix 1 teaspoon of with food. Children ( 3-11 years) mix 1/2 teaspoon with food. Take in the morning (first meal of the day) for 10 days. For hepatitis use Hepason before using Livtox.

Suggestion: Livtox™ is best with oatmeal, smoothe or yogurt.
Body Target: Liver Benefits: Cleanse liver

Weight (ounces) : 1.7/8 oz
Dosage : 1 Tsp - 5 mL
Servings : 10
Product Form : Powder
Main Ingredient : Khaya senegalensis
Package : ( md) Bottle


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