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TOOBWAX Ear Soother™
Removes Wax and Fluid Build-Up

Toobwax™ is a herbal formula used for generations to remove ear wax and fluid in the inner ear. It calms inflammation, relieves pain and protects your auditory health.

Product Description:
Directions: Mix a pinch of powder with a 1/4 teaspoon of liquefied shea butter. Place a few drops of mixture in ear canal before bed. Continue everyday as needed.

Body Target: Ears
Benefits: Ear infection relief (complementary: Migdal,hepason,Tymol, Dutemcran, Endotar Immunol)

Weight (ounces) : ½ oz
Dosage : 1 pinch
Servings : 14
Product Form : Powder
Main Ingredient : Sarcostema vinimale
Package : (sm) bottle


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