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NOUDRE morrhoid-EX™
NOUDRE morrhoid-EX™

Comfort Vaginal & Rectal Prolapse
Noudre ™ is a natural topical cream that soothes the skin during hemorrhoid flare-ups. Mix this herbal powder with shea butter or body cream and say good bye to aches and pain. For optimal results, use with Hemorroid-NX™ .

Product Description:
Directions: Mix 1/4 teaspoon and with 1/4 teaspoon of melted raw shea butter or body cream. Stir thoroughly. When mixture cools apply to the affected area. Use once a day, as needed.

Body Target: Rectum/Hemorrhoids
Benefits: Soothe swelling and pain associated with hemorrhoids

Weight (ounces) : ¾ oz
Dosage : ¼ Tsp - 1.25 mL
Servings : 8
Product Form : Calcined Powder
Main Ingredient : Gossypium
Herbaceum Package : (sm) bottle


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