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BAIDGA Nature’s Antidote™
BAIDGA Nature’s Antidote™

Accidental Poisoning Aid
Baidga™ is a special herbal formula from Burkina Faso that relieves diarrhea or nausea from chemical or food poisoning. These herbs absorb toxins and release antioxidants into the body. Take immediately to rid your body of harmful substances.

Product Description:
Directions: Adults (12 years and older) use the entire contents. Children (under 12 years) use ½ of the contents. Only one dose is needed for adults and children. Must be mixed with food such as oatmeal or rice. Take this product after seeking medical attention.

Body Target: Stomach & Intestines
Benefits: Absorbs poisons

Weight (ounces) :
Dosage : 1 bag ADULTS • ½bag CHILDREN
Servings : 1–2
Product Form : Calcined Powder
Main Ingredient : Ampelocissus Grantii


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